Olympic Gold Medallist and Ski Champion Jakara Anthony discusses her haircare secrets and life on the slopes with ELEVEN Australia

Introducing our newest ambassador, Jakara
Anthony, a renowned Australian athlete.

When it comes to achieving peak performance on the slopes, Jakara Anthony understands the importance of effective haircare. Exposed to the harsh elements of the great outdoors, Jakara relies on ELEVEN Australia hair products to keep her hair healthy and resilient. We've been
lucky enough to talk to the Olympic champion, and in our interview, we delve into Jakara's remarkable journey, her affinity for ELEVEN Australia haircare,
and how our specialised hair products help her hair withstand the most demanding conditions.

What an incredible 12 months it has been for you Jakara! Not only did you launch Australia's most successful ever Winter Olympic Games by winning one of Australia's four medals in Beijing, but you were also the only Australian gold medallist to win from those Games, and you claimed Australia's sixth-ever Winter Games gold medal. And it doesn't stop there; you won all three moguls events before the Christmas break, claiming wins in Finland, Sweden and France. How does this make you feel?

It makes me feel so proud when I think about it all. The commitment and work that went into those results from myself and the team around me was truly the best you could ask for. Everyone left no stone unturned in the process of getting to those events, and we got through some really low points but were also able to celebrate those highs together, which
is something I will be forever grateful for. 

What was the experience like for you?

The experience has been a really special one, particularly winning gold at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Coming back from
those Games and seeing the impact my performance had on people in the community was one of the most special parts of the experience. I remember how inspired I was as a kid meeting Olympians and Olympic medallists, and now I feel honoured to be in the same position to be that person to someone else, hopefully.

We know how proud we feel, so we can only imagine how proud your parents are. They greatly inspired you and your career; can you share any wisdom or lessons your parents instilled that inspired you to compete?

My parents have always been hard workers, so they really instilled a good work ethic in me from a young age. They have always been able to decide what it was they wanted and then put a plan in place to make it happen. They have been able to achieve things they never thought would be possible, and I'm really grateful to have learnt from their experiences growing up.

How do you strike a balance between work, school and winning gold medals?

It's a serious juggling act to balance all my different commitments! I'm in a fortunate position where I don't have to split my time between sport and work, but I am studying to set myself up for life post-sport. I have to plan how I'm going to spend my time pretty far in advance and be proactive when I know I'm going to have more time to commit to my studies, like when we are on break versus when we are on a training camp.

What inspired you to become a professional skier, and what keeps you going?

I loved skiing from day one, but it was when I was 11 and watched Britt Cox compete in the moguls at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics as a 15-year-old that I decided I wanted to take the sport to
the highest level possible. I had already been introduced to the sport through the Interschools Snowsports Championships, but this was the moment when I went to the next level of dreaming of going to a Winter Olympics.

How do you psych yourself up before any big event?

I get pretty nervous before a big event, so it's more important to try and keep that in check than try to psych myself up. One of the things I do to help this is to focus on my breathing to keep me in the moment and calm myself down.

As a young professional skier, what has been the biggest lesson you've learnt so far?

One of the biggest lessons I've learnt so far is that nobody else can make it happen for you. You have to back yourself, put the effort in and commit to your goals and dreams to make them possible.

With that in mind, is there any advice you
would like to share with young emerging talent?

A piece of advice I have for young emerging talent is to just have a go. I think it's important to have a crack at any sport or opportunity that comes your way, not just your chosen sport. There's so much to learn from participating in different sports, and these skills will help you become an athlete that can handle whatever is thrown at you.

If skiing were a feeling, what would it be?

Freedom! There is nothing like the feeling of being outside, in the elements, it is a feeling that I think is unique to the slopes, and I am very grateful to be able to enjoy that every time. At the end of the day, I love skiing just as much now as I did as a 5yo tearing around Mt Buller!

What's the funniest thing that's happened in the snow or the funniest memory you have about learning to ski?

A memory I have from learning to ski as a kid was falling into a big hole in the snow and disappearing when we were skiing in the springtime, and all the snow was melting. Not so funny at the time, but hilarious now!

Tell us about your morning/evening rituals?

When we are training and or competing (which is about 80% of the time), we are in communal living, so we have dinner together in the evening and then do our own wind-down. I like to get to bed as early as I can as I am an early riser and read a good book until I fall asleep. I usually get up around 5 am (I'm an early riser!) and do some yoga and activation to set me up for the day and help me prevent injuries on the slopes or in the gym. Then I'll have some breakfast which is usually some yoghurt, cereal and berries. Once I've got dressed and ready for the day, I'll have a snack, and then I'm out the door and off to training. It's not a complicated process, but it's effective!

What is your nonessential, essential for a day on the hill?

I don't have any nonessential essentials for on the hill. I have to take a lot of gear with me, like food, spare equipment and parts, warm-up gear and loads of other bits and pieces, so my bag is already full. I spend a lot of time on the go living out of a suitcase, so I've got good at narrowing things down to just the essentials!

What is your workout routine, and what are
your gym bag essentials?

We are in the gym six times a week when we are on snow ten times a week during the off-season. We alternate between all kinds of workouts, from cardio sessions, speed work and, most importantly, strength sessions. In my gym bag, I always make sure I have some snacks to fuel myself and to re-fuel after my workout, and a very basic toiletries kit with the essentials, GIVE ME CLEAN HAIR DRY SHAMPOO to keep me looking fresh, some lip balm, moisturiser and deodorant. I also keep travel-sized ELEVEN Australia shampoo and conditioner in case I need to wash my hair at the gym!

As someone who spends so much time in cold weather, what are your biggest winter haircare tips?

The cold weather makes everything dry, including your hair, so the key is to replenish it with moisture as much as
possible! Make sure you use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and incorporate
a hair mask into your routine to bring back the shine and ensure your hair is healthy and strong. I use the MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT and alternate between HYDRATE MY HAIR  and REPAIR MY HAIR shampoo & conditioners, depending on what my hair needs at that time!

Can you walk us through your beauty and hair routine before a competition?

For me, the main thing when it comes to competitions is keeping things like my morning routine the same as a regular
day. I try to do things as 'normally' as possible. For me, this means washing
my hair the night before and then keeping the morning simple, putting on sunscreen and lip balm and placing my hair into a low ponytail. There is an exact spot that it has to sit on my head to ensure that it fits perfectly under my helmet and can tuck neatly into my ski jacket! I want to make sure my skin and hair feel hydrated and clean, so I don't have to think about it and it doesn't distract me during the competition.

You have a vigorous training routine which sees your hair go through harsh elements. From icy conditions to chlorinated pools, how do you keep your hair looking and feeling healthy?

I have had long hair my whole life, but unfortunately, that does come with some challenges in the elements. I manage to keep my hair pretty healthy by doing regular hair masks. Miracle Hair Mask from ELEVEN is my absolute go-to. It reverses all the damage done through blizzards, sweat and falls. 

You travelled to Finland for the World Cup moguls event and won gold. Tell us about your time in Finland with your team. 

 For the past few years, Finland has been the Australian mogul team's main training base for the Northern Hemisphere winter. It is pretty cold at times, with temperatures down to -30C and only 2 hours of daylight a day in the middle of winter, but it's like living in a snow globe! I've competed in the World Cup there many times before, but this was the first time I finished on top of the podium, which is always a really special feeling and a great way to kick off the season.

What are your goals for the Australian winter snow

 I hope to get some volume on a full mogul course this season. Because we don't have as long a winter in Australia as they do in the Northern Hemisphere, we get a limited opportunity to be on snow, so I'm looking forward to making the most of our facilities once they are up and running.

We know you love winter and winter sport, how do you spend the summertime?

I love hitting the beach and love surfing, being in the ocean is such a great feeling and it’s nice to enjoy the summer sunshine whenever I can.

First pair of skis you owned?

Hand-me-down skis from a family friend.

What is your favourite Trick and why? 

Cork 720 mute. I was the first woman competing on the World Cup circuit, and it was really cool to be pushing the progression of the sport.

When and where were you happiest?

Growing up in the snow at Mt Buller over the winter when I was younger. I loved getting to ski every day with my family and friends and the independence I was able to have there at such a young age.

What's next for you?

We have lots of competitions and training opportunities every year, but the biggest goal is the Winter Olympics in Milano Cortina in 2026. In addition to the moguls event, we will also have dual moguls in the Games for the first time ever!

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